Firm Introduction

Han Yi Law Offices is a PRC law firm founded by a group of veteran "returnees" and experienced PRC practitioners. The focal point of Han Yi is to provide first-class legal services at competitive rates on PRC-related legal matters to leading business players in the dynamic Chinese market. We offer a unique combination of Chinese local know-how and international law practice excellence.

The firm is dedicated to providing clients with excellent service and high-quality legal work. While we deploy our lawyers with a view to efficiency, we have extensive experience handling large and complex matters. For such matters, we are able to draw on the full resources of the firm by easily assembling teams of lawyers from different practice groups.

While our practice is primarily focused on M&A, formation and deployment of private equity funds, capital market, project finance and banking, FDI, and foreign-related dispute resolution, we strive to be a full service firm that can offer a diverse range of sophisticated legal services to businesses and individuals.

We believe that our work should be judged on the quality gleaned from our unique local knowledge and international perspective, rather than the size of our organization. We are always determined to offer our clients reliable access to experienced lawyers with the objective of effectively presenting practical and commercial solutions in a timely way to address the concerns and priorities of our clients.

At Han Yi, integrity, professionalism, efficiency, open communications and teamwork are fundamental values that help to shape the dynamic and diverse legal careers of our lawyers. We believe this will in turn effectively translate into the continued success for ourselves and our clients.

Connotation of "Han Yi"

In Chinese, the words Han (瀚) and Yi (一) are endowed with opposite implications. Han generally means vastness and immensity. Yi, the simplest Chinese character with multiple meanings, frequently refers to the smallest, the simplest, consistency, and the starting point, among others. Our firm name Han Yi, featuring a simple combination of these two conceptually contrary words, symbolizes the unity of opposites and interprets our fundamental understanding of the legal profession and our unremitting pursuit of a unique presence in the legal service market.

Simplicity, but always with a focus on key points and attention to details 

We try to simplify complicated matters, yet we always do it in a proper and delicate manner.

  • We are in a position to deliver optimal solutions in the most efficient and effective manner for complicated business transactions that make sense both legally and commercially.
  • We are able to manage multiple priorities and attend to details on the basis of our in-depth legal expertise and extensive track records.


We strive to provide consistently high quality legal services to all kinds of client assignments.

  • We are well versed in rendering superior and efficient professional legal services to meet the diversified demands of our broad client base
  • We are proud of our multidisciplinary legal team with diverse backgrounds and we endeavor to build a collaborative professional team that shares a common set of values and has the ability to constantly offer legal services of the highest caliber.

Unique player in the PRC legal service market 

We are one drop in the ocean of the legal service market, yet we try to establish ourselves as a unique one.

  • We are one of the PRC law firms dedicated to delivering top-notch legal services on cross-border matters.
  • We strive to achieve exceptional performance that distinguishes us from other players in the market and we scale our services and staffing to match every client's unique needs.
Our Values Professionalism
  • We are staffed with seasoned professionals with profound legal proficiency in various practice areas.
  • We are capable of delivering optimal solutions in the most efficient and effective manner that make sense both legally and commercially.
  • We focus on substance, but we always pay special attention to form as well. We know what the priority is, but we also always attach great importance to details in the meantime.
Cost Efficiency and Effectiveness
  • We foster the habit of working efficiently and responding promptly, with an emphasis on responsibility awareness.
  • We work together as a team, sharing experience and cherishing collaboration, collegiality and communications.
  • We provide cost-effective legal services that always achieve client satisfaction and constantly exceed clients'expectations.
Constant Self-Improvement Towards Perfection
  • We make unshakable dedication to standing alongside and growing together with our clients and always provide our clients with innovative legal solutions.
  • We make unwavering commitment to being recognized as a world-class legal service provider.
  • We make unceasing devotion to embracing new knowledge and experience and to always staying ahead of the curve.