Industry Experience
  • Healthcare & Life Sciences

    We have provided full-scale legal services to multiple leading international and domestic institutions in their investment and M&A transactions covering almost all segments of the healthcare industry chain, including, without limitation, health checkup centers, nursing homes, pharmaceutical manufacturing and distribution, medical device manufacturers, specialized hospitals and general hospitals, and for-profit and non-profit hospitals. Furthermore, our lawyers have advised many world-renowned pharmaceutical companies on daily regulatory and compliance matters. In this area, our services mainly include: 

    1.    to provide full range of legal services in investment activities in the healthcare industry (including, without limitation, deal structuring, contractual arrangements, everyday operations, financing, M&A, IPO and other exits);  

    2.    to provide legal opinions and advice on transformation and management of medical institutions (including, for example, transforming non-profit hospitals into for-profit hospitals); 

    3.    to review various types of healthcare-related contracts, including, without limitation, business cooperation agreements, technology development contracts, technology licensing contracts, clinical trial contracts, distribution contracts, promotion and sponsorship agreements;

    4.    to assist our clients to handle anti-corruption, anti-trust and unfair competition issues in the healthcare industry and provide systematic legal advice on compliance operations; and

    5.    to advise healthcare companies on various regulatory matters involving product research and development, technology licensing, market entrance, product localization, pharmaceutical marketing and promotional activities.

  • TMT & E-Commerce

    Our lawyers have extensive experience with investment and financing deals involving all sorts of TMT and e-commerce companies. We have assisted multiple investors with their investments in such target industry sectors as various online content platforms (including literature, music and audio-visual players), trading platforms for luxury goods and online shopping platforms, online medical service platforms, online car-hailing platforms, call centers, internet logistic platforms, blockchain companies, AI equipment and application providers, IoT, cybersecurity and online protection devices and solutions as well as image identification players, among others.

    Particularly familiar with investment and financing structures, key compliance issues, critical path for IPOs and trade sale exits, major obstacles for business restructurings whenever needed, and principal legal and practical issues facing the everyday portfolio management and operations, our lawyers are skilled in providing investors and target companies with comprehensive legal services from the term sheet stage through a full exit, especially from the aspects of effective investor right protection, operating compliance by the target companies, and enforceability of exit plans.

  • Big Data & Advanced Manufacturing

    In the big data and advanced manufacturing sector, Han Yi team regularly represents leading investment institutions and multinational companies in their investments in such diverse areas as 5G network infrastructure, smart security system, industrial control equipment, AI system and applications, automatic driving, smart wearable devices, special equipment, data analytics, cloud computing, industrial internet and blockchain technology, and also provide routine legal advisory support to many traditional manufacturers on various legal and compliance issues arising out of their journey to digital transformation and operation upgrades.

    With an in-depth understanding of the emerging industry trends and the PRC regulatory environment, a wealth of industry insights, and extensive practical experience, our lawyers are able to support our clients to continuously create and grow their investment values in this robust and ever-changing sector.

  • FinTech & Financial Services

    Our lawyers have actively participated in M&A and PE investment projects involving a variety of companies engaged in FinTech and financial services business, including banks and non-bank financial institutions (e.g., insurance companies, securities firms, financial asset management companies and automobile finance companies), online and offline small and microloan enterprises, securities investment fund management companies, and domestic and cross-border payment settlement and clearance companies, among others. We also advise these institutions on their compliance issues concerning their everyday operations.

    Our lawyers have substantial experience with such key areas concerning different types of FinTech and financial services companies as their preferred investment structures, qualification requirements for shareholders, market entry restrictions, key operating permits, approvals and licenses, and major compliance considerations, among others. We are dedicated to providing effective PRC legal services throughout the whole investment process for both domestic and foreign investors interested in PE or M&A opportunities in this sector.

  • Lodging & Real Estate

    In the real estate and commercial properties area, we have represented several leading multinational companies and investment firms in their real estate investment businesses in China, which principally involves the following matters:

     1.    development and management of land used for commercial, residential and industrial purposes;  

     2.    purchase, lease and sales of various commercial properties; 

     3.    entrusted management and franchising of hotels; 

     4.    establishment, transfer and acquisition of various real estate development companies; and 

     5.    financing transactions related to real estate development projects.

  • Consumers & Retail

    Our lawyers have been serving a variety of institutional investors and industrial investors on numerous types of transactions in the consumer and retail sector. We provide a full range of legal services to investors and other market participants in the areas of textile, beauty products, food and beverage, online fresh food supplies, commercial retail and chain, and department stores, among others. We work with our clients in diverse types of transactions including private equity investments, security offerings, strategic investments in A-share listed companies, private placements of securities, going-private transactions involving offshore listed companies, structuring and collapse of red-chip setups, and cross-border restructurings, among others.

    Our lawyers have rich experience adapting to the needs of each client in the quickly evolving consumer and retail industry. We offer creative legal solutions and wide-ranging legal expertise to help our clients respond to market changes sensibly and swiftly.